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Colorado Springs Family Lawyer

My name is Ray Chamberland, and I am a Colorado Springs family lawyer who loves my job. I represent husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and grandparents involved in family law cases. I help my clients resolve disputes and secure the agreements and settlements that are in their best interests and the best interests of their children.

I have been practicing law for 24 years --11 years as a JAG in the U.S. military, and now as the principal attorney and founder of Chamberland Law, my Colorado Springs family law practice. I am a zealous advocate with a reputation for taking care of my family law clients and protecting their legal rights. I also represent military service members who need a Colorado military law attorney to help them deal with military family law.

Serving and Protecting Clients

With Chamberland Law representation, you can rest assured that we will take care of you. With strength and compassion, we will help you and your children get through what can sometimes be a very painful time in life that is filled with very big changes. We provide all of our clients with hands-on, personalized service.

Maximizing Collaboration and Minimizing Litigation

I collaborate with my clients and their families to resolve their family law disputes as painlessly as possible. I maximize negotiation and mediation with the other party, minimixe the need for litigation, and get the best deals and arrangements for my clients and their children.

Zealous & Strategic Family Law Representation

If mediation is unsuccessful, I go to Colorado family law court for my client, and I fight to win. I am a zealous and strategic Colorado Springs family lawyer who takes no prisoners in the courtroom when it comes to securing the best deals for my clients.

Serving My Clients

The majority of my business comes from my very satisfied current and former clients who are always happy to send multiple referrals my way. Many of my Colorado family law clients live in Colorado Springs, Cimarron Hills, Security-Widefield, Monument, Woodland Park, Black Forest, Canon City, Fountain, Florissant, or other cities in the Pikes Peak Region, the Tri-Lakes Area, Douglas County, Fremont County, and El Paso County, Colorado.

Initial Consultation

Please contact my Colorado law firm to schedule your no-obligation telephone consultation. During this initial discussion, I will inform you of your legal rights and the laws that apply to your case. If I do not think you need a Colorado Springs family lawyer, I will advise you regarding the steps you should take to resolve your legal problem. If you do need an attorney to assist you and we agree to work together, I will give you an honest assessment of the outcome of your case and an estimate of fees and costs. I offer all of my legal services at reasonable rates.

To schedule your initial consultation with Colorado Springs Attorney Ray Chamberland, call Chamberland Law at (719) 527-3999 or contact us online.

Client Reviews
"Ray did an excellent job representing me in my custody case involving my two children. He and his staff were genuinely interested in my case, they were responsive in a timely manner, and the attorney was well-prepared in court. We ended up with a good result and I will use his services again in the future should the need arise. I could not have done it on my own and I appreciate the excellent service he provides!" Jim
"He did such a great job during my divorce & custody battle with my ex-husband. Ray & Cindy are extremely responsive, helpful, accommodating and understanding of all situations. He was able to get me everything I wanted and I recommend him to everyone. In fact, I'm almost positive my ex husband even refers people to Ray for divorce and custody haha." Tina
"Ray and his staff did a great job on my divorce case! It's a tough situation to be in but Ray's advice was accurate and helpful and he did not sugar-coat anything. The chosen custody evaluator did a good job with his investigation as Ray said he would, and my concerns were always taken seriously by the attorney. He was prompt in answering my questions and did his best to keep my attorneys fees as low as possible. Together we achieved a good result and I would use his services again in the future." Richard

Ray Chamberland, Colorado Family Lawyer, talks with each of his clients to discuss the steps, procedures, and timelines for their particular case. At Chamberland Law, Ray and his staff of experts are available to answer all your questions, concerns, and alleviate the stress of your divorce or legal separation, as well as achieve the best possible outcome.

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