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Client Reviews

"I can’t begin to tell you how amazing and accommodating Cindy and Ray are. Truly a dynamic duo! Honestly they are worth every penny for the peace of mind they have provided while being knowledgeable and honest with you as the client. They don’t sugar coat! If you want a lawyer to truly have your back give them a call."

September, 2022

"Such an amazing lawyer. His paralegal, Cindy is super kind and hard working and Mr. Chamberland works hard for his clients. He really fought for me and cares for his clients."


"This review is long overdue! Worked with this firm to resolve an administrative issue that's resolution had significant positive impact for me. Mr Chamberland was a wealth of information, attentive and effective. His background in the subject matter was wildly beneficial, and I'm deeply appreciative for his services."


"Ray and his staff were focused and efficient with time and money. They also proved their experience in my case, and thought of things, I never would have. I felt confident going into meetings and in dealing with the other party that I had the better attorney on my side. Very thankful that I chose Chamberland Law compared to the other options I was looking into. Ray and his helpful staff came through for me again in a tough child custody case over the last 9 months that could have really negatively altered my kids life and my life, if they had not helped me understand the law, helped me know what to say and filed the various correct motions. They had to interact many times with the other party that was aggressively filing to just get their way and trying to manipulate the facts and the court to suit her agenda rather than established law, president, and what was good for the children. Chamberland law helped me get a clear and concise victory in court that was best for the kids."


"Ray and his staff were very professional, polite, and very responsive with every question I had. I would say FOLLOW his recommendations, because they are influenced by sound research and past experiences as a Lawyer. Ray will fight for you, you will just need to be honest with yourself, and Ray. I will definitely be using Ray again in the future, if the need arises."


"Mr. Chamberland and Cindy have worked diligently for my husband and me. My husband recommended this law office to me after his divorce years ago. They are smart people and work as a team. Mr. Chamberland made it clear that doing the legwork ourselves would help keep the costs down. If I could give any advice about your court date, it would be to trust his guidance and do not make his job harder by speaking out of turn. He has spent his life learning the ins and outs of courtrooms and the more you talk needlessly, the longer it takes to represent you. Cindy is a kind woman and attentive listener. They have always responded to my requests promptly. I will recommend them to anyone who wants efficient representation."


"Ray and his team were incredible. They exceeded my expectations and at a very fair price. They never wasted my time and only stuck to what was necessary for my case. I felt a personal connection with everyone in the office and felt they actually cared about me and my situation. They cared about my childs best interest and not my money. I would highly recommend Chamberland Law to anyone."


"This is Jayne Clark reviewing Mr. Ray Chamberland for Jerry Clark. Ray has helped our 3 sons with divorce situations. Though we believe in, "Till Death Do You Part", sometimes it's healthier to end a marriage. Ray helps the process go smoothly! He is punctual, he explains everything, he listens to you and has your back! He helps a bad, emotional process proceed as fast and smoothly as possible. That's why we've gone back to him 3 times and we'd refer anyone to him!"


"Ray and his staff did a great job on my divorce case! It's a tough situation to be in but Ray's advice was accurate and helpful and he did not sugar-coat anything. The chosen custody evaluator did a good job with his investigation as Ray said he would, and my concerns were always taken seriously by the attorney. He was prompt in answering my questions and did his best to keep my attorneys fees as low as possible. Together we achieved a good result and I would use his services again in the future."

May, 2018

"Ray did an excellent job representing me in my custody case involving my two children. He and his staff were genuinely interested in my case, they were responsive in a timely manner, and the attorney was well-prepared in court. We ended up with a good result and I will use his services again in the future should the need arise. I could not have done it on my own and I appreciate the excellent service he provides!"

April, 2018

"He did such a great job during my divorce & custody battle with my ex-husband. Ray & Cindy are extremely responsive, helpful, accommodating and understanding of all situations. He was able to get me everything I wanted and I recommend him to everyone. In fact, I'm almost positive my ex husband even refers people to Ray for divorce and custody haha."

April, 2018

"I hired Ray for my divorce and was extremely satisfied in how promptly and efficiently they replied to by emails, worked on getting paperwork together, followed through, etc. His pricing was fair and I always felt Ray and Cindy were involved and knowledgeable about my case. I never felt lost in a sea of clients. I am grateful to have had a painless experience through this process and these guys were a huge part of that! thanks!"


"Ray and his team are incredible. My previous attorney wasn't very helpful. Chamberland Law was a great and they made sure I was treated right. I am forever grateful for the help they gave to my daughter and I. Thank you!"


"I would recommend Ray to anyone who is in need of a family law attorney."


"I will forever be grateful to Mr. Chamberland and his staff. I am active duty military and he helped me with my divorce while I was deployed and got me a good result. Many Many Thanks!"


"Ray represented me in a high conflict custody case. His office always responded to me in a timely manner, they kept me in the loop throughout the process, he was knowledgeable and prepared, and we achieved an excellent result in court. Thanks to Ray and his staff's hard work and continued efforts in my case, I am a major part of my children's lives and I could not be more satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone needing a family law attorney."


"After I had a bad experience with a different attorney, my friend recommended Ray who did her divorce. I wasn't disappointed! My ex was doing everything he could to harass me and stall and waste time, but Ray shut it down and kept things moving along. I was so much less stressed out once he started handling the other lawyer. Highly recommend"


"I hired Mr. Chamberland when I needed help with an out-of-state custody issue and I'm sooo glad I did. I felt like I could ask all of the questions I needed when I didn't understand the process. Office staff was helpful too. Totally worth the money to get someone who really knows what they're doing. I don't think I would have gotten as good of a deal with some of the other lawyers I talked to."


"Ray represented me in a contested custody case and did a great job! His office always responded timely to my questions, they were in constant contact with me, they followed through and Ray was well prepared for all hearings. Ray was aggressive in court and obtained a better than expected result for me and my family. I would recommend him to anyone needing help with a family law case."


"A pleasure to work with. Would definitely recommend his services!"


"I never dreamed I would need a divorce lawyer, and I had no idea who to trust or what to look for in one. Thankfully I was referred to Chamberland Law by a friend of mine. I called to schedule a consultation and was promptly given one with Ray Chamberland, and was able to ask for his thoughts and advice regarding my situation and scary circumstances. He gave me his honest feedback based on years of valuable experience helping me make difficult but necessary decisions." "The staff at Chamberland Law was kind, professional, and patient helping in anyway they could. I was guided through the process, prepared well in advance for the next steps in my case, and given ample time to complete what was needed for the next deadline. Ray was understanding and helped me make objective decisions during the most difficult time in my life, and his counsel was invaluable during the process of my divorce. While it's the court's goal to rule fairly in for both parties in every divorce case, Ray seeks to understand what's most important to his clients and does his best to achieve those goals. I highly recommend Chamberland Law!"


"Ray has been my lawyer since June of 2014 and not once was I disappointed in his service. He fought for my rights while I was deployed and most of all he took care of everything. Not one single issue. He was always in contact with me to keep me informed on what's going on. I was divorced in December 2014 and he continued to fight for me he also helped me with relocation in 2015 because of him and his great work of his paralegals Cindy btw helped me take my kids with me. If any more issues ever arise I plan on going straight to Ray again."

March, 2016

"A year ago I chose Ray Chamberland to represent My husband and I in a step parent adoption. Given the circumstances with the biological father, we ran into one obstacle after another. Ray was consistent, professional, honest, and just an all around blessing through out the entire process. After a year of him helping us complete each task required for the adoption, our court date finally came. Going into any court hearing always brings fear and anxiety. Ray finished as strong as he started. My husband and I had absolutely no doubt that we had made the best decision hiring Ray for legal representation. He exceeded any expectations, and was fearless and knowledgable during the hearing. After completing the adoption, the judge complimented Ray on how strong and diligent he presented the case. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation."

January, 2015

"I was able to go through a few consultations with several law firms. Ray and his team expressed genuine interested in my case. Ray was quick to provide me constant updates on my case as well as the supporting documents. Ray was able to resolve my case in a timely manner. I highly recommend his services."


"The search for our family law attorney ends with Ray Chamberland! Our one and only regret is that we did not find him sooner. Ray represented the views and concerns of our entire family in a fair but firm manner. We remain very impressed with the level of professionalism, attention to detail, and consideration displayed by Ray and each and every one of his staff members. We have no reservations on recommending Chamberland Law to anyone seeking legal representation."


"Going to modify my and my ex-wife's child custody agreement, Ray exceeded every expectation I could have had for an attorney. At the end of the day, we got everything we wanted, and because of Ray's tenacity and attention to detail, the judge ruled in favor of the children being able to see me more throughout the year. He's THE BEST and I highly recommend him should you require assistance through a family court dispute."


"Ray Chamberland exceeded my every expectation and at a fair price. His advice was direct and on target in every respect which facilitated a quick and less costly resolution to my case. I would highly recommend Ray to family and friends and encourage anyone seeking domestic legal support to discuss their case with him. Ray will explain how he will approach your case and get right to assisting you in a timely manner. Ray actually renewed my confidence in the legal system."


"Retaining Ray Chamberland has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. In a highly contentious case he has always been helpful and understanding. He has always provided wise counsel and great representation in and out of court."


"I highly recommend Ray Chamberland without hesitation or reservation. During our time together, he expertly guided me through the divorce process, court procedures, and settlement negotiations. At all times, he was well informed, personally connected to the other “players” involved, and always responsive in a timely fashion. On a personal note, his staff was supportive, understanding and genuinely concerned for my welfare. Ray Chamberland is simply the best in the business."


"I will highly recommend Mr. Chamberland and his team for representation. He and his team were very efficient and timely in their responses back to me when needed. In court he did a great job representing me, gave me wise advice, and the guidance I needed to be prepared when I was called to the stand. I have confidently referred a few of my friends in similar situations to Mr. Chamberland. He was worth every penny and then some!"


"Please note that the person underneath me is complaining about money. I retained Ray myself on a Friday and my issue was resolved by the courts the following Monday. What lawyer works over the weekend?? Anyhow I found that this guy was dropped by Ray Chamberland because he was lacking being able to pay. I wouldnt take his advice. I recommend Ray to the Colorado people. Please note that my case took place in Colorado while I was located in Michigan. Ray resolved my issue without me even having to be there. Thanks again Ray, my kids are comming home!"


Ray Chamberland, family law attorney, discusses these and many more common family law questions on his Youtube.

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