Child Custody and Visitation

Rather than giving sole custody of a child to one parent, Colorado law allows both mothers and fathers to spend a substantial amount of time parenting their children, (unless specific circumstances or the child's best interests dictate otherwise) One parent is designated the primary residential parent and the other person receives parenting time.

Colorado Springs Child Custody Attorney Ray Chamberland believes that it is important to negotiate child custody and visitation agreements that are in the best interests of the children—otherwise, a Colorado court will come up with a parenting plan by applying Colorado's best interests standard.

Colorado Parenting Plan

Colorad Springs Attorney Chamberland will work with you and the other parent to develop a detailed parenting plan that takes into account parental decision-making, living arrangements, and parenting time, including visits and overnight stays.

Mr. Chamberland believes in reaching agreements and minimizing conflict with the other party through negotiation and mediation, including Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and working with a child family investigator (CFI). If necessary, however, he will resort to litigation with a vigorous approach to protect the rights of his clients and their children.

Modification and Enforcement of Colorado Parenting Time Agreements

Sometimes, modifications to agreements regarding parenting time and parental decision-making authority are necessary because there has been a change in living situation, the child's needs have changed, or his or her safety is in danger by spending time or living with one parent.

Enforcement of a Colorado child custody agreement may be necessary if one parent refuses to honor the existing decree. Colorado Springs Attorney Ray Chamberland can help you petition the court to modify or enforce your existing Colorado parenting time order.

Relocation/Move Away Cases

In the event that one parent wishes to relocate outside of Colorado, the parenting time of the other parent can be affected. Relocation is a common issue that arises for many families with child custody cases, especially in El Paso County, Colorado where many military families reside.

Colorado Child Custody Attorney Ray Chamberland practiced military law as a Staff Judge Advocate for many years before establishing Chamberland Law, his own private Colorado Springs family law practice. He has helped families with every possible situation involving one parent moving to or outside Colorado. He can help you deal with the legal issues that inevitably arise. It is important for both parents to know that in most cases, a child cannot be moved outside Colorado without the other parent and/or a Colorado court's consent.

For more information about relocation/move away cases involving military families, visit Chamberland Law's Military Family Law page.

Grandparents' Rights

Colorado law allows grandparents to petition for visitation or parental rights over their grandchildren. Attorney Chamberland works with grandmothers and grandfathers to enforce those rights by applying the Children's Code or the Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act (UDMA) to help them acquire visitation or parental rights over their grandchildren.

Clients Served

Attorney Ray Chamberland represents civilian and military mothers and fathers living in Colorado Springs, Cimarron Hills, Security-Widefield, Monument, Woodland Park, Black Forest, Canon City, Fountain, Florissant, and other cities in the Pikes Peak Region, the Tri-Lakes Area, Douglas County, Fremont County, and El Paso County, Colorado.

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