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Military Life is Different

As all military members know, life in the military is different. And military families with family law issues face different challenges than civilians. These include deployments, TDYs, PCSs, child custody and visitation challenges, and more. If you’re a military member or military family member, you deserve a family law attorney who has lived through many of the same tough times as you have. If you agree, than Attorney Ray Chamberland is the right lawyer for you.

Ray enlisted in the military in 1980 and has served in both enlisted and officer positions before obtaining his law degree and becoming a JAG, He and his wife Mary raised their daughter in the military, so he understands the needs of and additional challenges faced by military members and their families. After retiring from the military in 2005 he opened Chamberland Family Law and has been helping military members and military family members ever since.

Military Family Law is Also Different

A military member going through a divorce or legal separation will have concerns about his or her military retirement, the Survivor Benefit Plan, SGLI, TSP and more. They will also have unique concerns about child custody, visitation, childcare and child support. They need someone who thoroughly understands each to help them through these difficult times. Ray Chamberland served for 25 years and in the seven years he’s been running Chamberland Law he’s helped hundreds of military members with these issues. He and his highly experienced paralegals are familiar with every family law issue facing military members. Because Chamberland law has clients all over the world, they are very comfortable helping members long-distance. As a former JAG officer, Ray understands the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act and how to use it to protect military members from having cases go forward without them when the needs of the military make them unavailable. Ray offers reduced retainers and reduced rates to those who’ve served.

A military family member going through a divorce or legal separation also needs special attention. The attorney must understand the impact on the family member of having to PCS every few years, which prevents them from having careers and often means they’ve not had an opportunity to build a retirement account of their own. Ray Chamberland understands and can help the military family member through divorces and legal separations. He’s familiar with the Uniform Former Spouses Protection act and the Act’s impact on the division of military retirement. He knows how to properly prepare the documents the Defense Finance and Accounting Service need to properly divide retirement. He knows the rules for when the military will pay a family member directly and when they won’t. He understands and can help family members with the rules regarding Base or Post access following a divorce or legal separation. These are all important issues for military family members. Because Ray believes the military family member is as important as the military member, he offers reduced retainers and reduced rates to military family members.

Regardless of whether he’s representing the military member or the military family member, Ray does so with compassion and expertise. Ray recognizes that many firms in the Colorado Springs area claim that they handle military divorces, but very few have retired JAGs as attorneys. Most firms do not have any experience with military law and do not understand the acronyms, language, or life. If you want the best representation for your unique divorce or legal separation, you need someone who’s lived the life. That attorney is Ray Chamberland.

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